Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dislike Living in Hurstville

Dislike Living in Hurstville
I think Hurstville is not good place to live in and few Chinese people would agree with me. Even though more and more migrant people from China come to here, but I prefer to move out.

Firstly, if you are migrant, maybe you want to change or start your new life. From my experience, Hurstville is similar to China. For example, many Chinese restaurants are in here and then you would be limited to a narrow range with your diet. Something like that. You should be felling you still live in China when you were walking in the street. I think you will not touch experience a new life in here.

Secondly, you can't improve your English language because you speak Chinese enough too much. That's the most bad (irregular comparative)condition for when you are a jobseeker in Sydney.

Finally, you will be affected by some awful habits by Chinese. They often don't care about the public environment. You can find many (uncountable) rubbish beside the rode (spelling) edge kerb. And the other things is that many Chinese speak too loud at in the public areas.

For all these reasons, I wouldn't want to live in Hurstville.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The city of Cairns

It is on the north-west coast-Queensland. If you are from Brisbane, it is just 1700km by road and from Sydney is 2500km by road. About 123,760 people live in here. Tourism and fishing are very famous.

Cairns is the safest tropical city in the world. In winter temperatures are often average 24-28C. July is the coldest month, when the temperature reduces 16C minimum. In summer, it has thunderstorms suddenly, most rain falls late afternoon and night. If you are tourist that you need to attention, thunderstorms are often from October to December. Except, summer is often wet and very humid. Maybe winter is more suitable for tourists.

Cairns has many natural attractions. For example, the Great Barrier Reef(very clear, warm water-excellent diving), freshwater lakes, beautiful beaches the sand is white the water is clear, clean and tropical rainforest's.

Many schools are in Cairns. There are 25 state primary schools. Particularly, it has a large TAFE Campus. James Cook University it is with only small-3500 students.

That day was terribly.

The day was terribly two weeks ago. Kogarah TAFE asked me to go to an interview that day. When I got up in the morning, I was a little nervous, the reason was I didn't know where Kogarah TAFE was. I needed to come here by checking a map. More bad things happened. When I opened the window, it was raining very heavily. I took the map and an umbrella and started walking for the interview. I had to stop walking three times to ask people which way was correct to Kogarah TAFE . When I got there, I was 10 minutes late. I apologised to my teacher for what happened. I felt I was a poor miserable girl at that time.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Excursion Sculpture by the Sea

This Tuesday was AMEP's excursion.We were going to Sculpture by the Sea. It is in the Bondi Jection. This excursion was my first time so I got gathering place very early.At 9:20am,we were in the train to Bondi. When we arrived Bondi station, we needed by bus again. I met a thing was first time for me which I can buy concession ticket for TAFE student. That never happened for me.Just spend me $0.9,sounds very good.

When we were at exhibition, we found we can't understand the artist what wants to say.Every sculpture is abstract. For example, what's the meaning about two big eyes on the stone'? As we looked more,we try to guess and imagine. When we saw a sculpture that made by wire. The shape looks like cage and a man stands in the middle. It seems that he wants to run but he cann't because many wires wrapped him. We thought the artist reprsented modern society had more troubles. We had less freedom.

When we finished this excursion, I have got more experiences from sculpture and my friends. Say thanks for them and teachers.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sculpture by the Sea

When I was in the Sculpture by the Sea, I concentrated on sculpture number 85. Its name was 'proliferation'. Jean Downes made it and she lives in a retirement village in the northern beaches of Sydney. Jean Downes used 221 mushrooms to represent 'proliferation' of European settlement. The sculpture's material is glazed earthenware. For the mushroom tops, Jean uses tea strainers, graters, small brushes to shape and work a variety of textures. For the mushroom stalks, Jean uses a wide brush and applies 3 coats of gloss white glaze to the stalks and underside the tops. Each mushroom is 20cm*200cm*500cm.

In my opinion, Sculpture 'proliferation's type is figurative. From my experience,when the mushroom meets a suitable environment, they grow up strong and quickly. For 221 years, European settlement has been relentlessly expanding across the Australian landscape.Each mushroom represents one year of colonisation. If you stand by the mushrooms,you are able to feel the spirit of the artist.

I think the artist wants to say the settlement looks weak, mushrooms are not strong plants, but once it is here, it cannot be prevented from spreding.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Chinese Spring Festival is similar to Christmas day. Chinese Spring Festival is the most important celebration for Chinese people. People carry out a lot of activities for Spring Festinal. For example, writing some sentences on a red piece of paper and using a special pen that looks like a brush. Then they put it on the door. The sentences mean good luck in the new year. When I was writing this post, it reminded me of my father because he could do this things very well.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Last weekend I went to Riverwood Downs which is a property on the banks of a mountain river in the foothills. It took us 4 hours driving from Hurstville.
Everything was like any other times we've travelled. We got to the house, upacked our things and went to the river for a bit of rowing. But a special thing happened when we were rowing the boat. I fell down the river but I can't swim! My husband dragged me from the river. It was a terrible experience.